Tarija-Tupiza or Tupiza-Tarija by buz

Every year the tourist flow in Tupiza is increasing and the city is positioning itself as the best gateway to the Salar of Uyuni. And that’s a well-deserved title. Besides the classic south Lipez and Salar route the countryside of Tupiza is a gorgeous region, a real life far west movie set. Most of the few travelers visiting Tarija are either going or coming from Tupiza. I say few because not a lot of foreigners include Tarija in their route even if Tarija is a classical holiday destination for Bolivians. But that’s off the topic, maybe one day I’ll write a post “why is there no foreign tourist in Tarija?”.

Anyway let’s get to it. Here is a table listing the bus companies working between Tupiza and Tarija, timetables and fares.

Company Tarija – Tupiza Tupiza – Tarija Price
Juarez Bus cama, brand new bus with air conditionning 21:00 22:00 85Bs
Juarez bus standard 20:30 20:00 70Bs
Diamante 20:30 20:30 (to check) 60Bs
Sama 20:30 20:30 (to check) 60Bs
Trans Narvaez 10:00 or 21 :00 10:00 or 21 :00 50Bs
Trufi (shared cab for 6 passengers) Every trufi leaves in the morning once the cab is full. Every trufi leaves in the morning once the cab is full. 100Bs

The bus drive lasts about 6h and the road is now in good condition. By trufi, 4h30. Don’t believe Lonely Planet when they talk about the road, they’re talking about the old one which indeed was really dangerous.

The most comfortable one is by far the Juarez. Worth the extra money. Narvaez offers a bus in the morning, every day of the year. Great if you want to check out the landscape!

tajzara3If you’re travelling in a group, a good tip would be to buy all the seats in a trufi. That way you leave whenever you want and you can talk to the driver to make a stop in the Sama national park.  That way you’ll be able to enjoy the Tajzara lagoons and sand dunes on your way to Tupiza, or even make a stop in one of the rustic little villages on the road.



Valle de los Condores

The valley of condors is a new ecotouristic destination in Tarija Bolivia. The project is backed up by the local NGO Educación y Futuro which helps local communities to develop themselves.

5 thoughts on “Tarija-Tupiza or Tupiza-Tarija by buz

  1. Hello,
    The Tarija-Tupiza road is safe? I have read many articles that advise to follow it.
    I would also like to fly from La Paz to Tarija and then go to Tupiza and do tours of the Salar.
    tips to stop overnight in Tarija to visit or better stop in Tupiza?
    Thank you

    1. The road is quite safe now, they built a new road a few years ago (2012 I think) so no worries!

      As for the overnight in Tarija, it depends if you have a tight schedule or not. If you’re in a hurry, better leave the very same day to Tupiza, otherwise why not enjoy one night in Tarija?

  2. Hi! I’m currently travelling through Bolivia & am at Uyuni. My next destination is Tarija via Potosi. I just started thinking of stopping at Tupiza on the way back from Tarija, as it seems that I have to take buses via Potosi/Sucre if I wanted to go to Santa Cruz, anyways.
    I’m viewing your site from a smartphone & can’t view time table & fare info. Are there supposed to be hyperlinked?

    Thank you!

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